Scientific opinion has always been misrepresented…

by Lucas Wilkins

I found a poem about the apparent absolutism of science:

The Microbe is so very small
You cannot make him out at all,
But many sanguine people hope
To see him through a microscope

I do too, even though I feel my temperament is probably better described as melancholic

His jointed tongue that lies beneath
A hundred curious rows of teath;


His seven tufted tails with lots
Of lovely pink and purple dots


On each of which a pattern stands,
Compound of forty separate bands;
His eyebrows of a tender green;
All these have never yet been seen –
But scientists, who ought to know,
Assure us that they must be so…

Not sure I do…

Oh! let us never doubt
What nobody is sure about

Yes, lets not

This comes from “Selected Cautionary Verses” by H. Belloc, 1940. Lets make up some bollocks, say scientists say it, then mock it. Not that no scientist has ever been guilty of doing the same, say, about Christians for example.

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4 Comments to “Scientific opinion has always been misrepresented…”

  1. Lol, you’re feeding a troll poet :)

  2. …a long dead troll poet. What was trolling called before the internets?

  3. This is actually one of my favorite poems :) I think it is more mocking scientists for telling people to believe them BECAUSE they are scientists though.

  4. It’s the last couplet that makes me believe otherwise.

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