The Sun is not made of gas

by James Thorniley

Dawkins is expanding his shelf in Waterstones this month with a book aimed at young teenagers. I haven’t read it yet, but what made me giggle for just a second was how Dawkins sums up the chapter on the Sun (see video here, 2:30):

What really is the Sun? Well the Sun is a huge ball of gas…

Except it’s not, it’s a huge ball of plasma. Plasma is not gas. This confusion is of course entirely the fault of that They Might Be Giants song. Fortunately they corrected themselves, so this post is just an excuse to link to this video:

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One Comment to “The Sun is not made of gas”

  1. The original They Might be Giants song was in itself a cover of an educational song from the late 50 – the original is amazing and has to be heard to believed:

    Search youtube for “glazer and evans space songs” for a gold mine of similar material. (And remove the words “space songs” to get results from their other album, Science Songs).

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