Things whose existence is surprising. 3: Long egg machine

by Nathaniel Virgo

While we’re on the subject of Things Whose Existence is Surprising, here’s a another one. The reason this particular thing’s existence is surprising is that this machine solves a problem that most people would never have imagined was a problem.

That problem is this: imagine you’re in a cafeteria of some kind, eating some kind of egg salad.  This salad contains many slices of delicious hard-boiled egg. But, oh no, these egg slices are inconsistently sized. Worse, some of them don’t even contain any of the yolk.  If only there was some way to make every slice perfect, just like the ones that go right through the centre of the egg.

Click through for the solution…

Here it is: the Long Egg:

This bizarre creation is the output of a machine called the Sanovo 6-32, or “Long Egg Machine”.  There’s not much information available on how it works, but I do know that the object in the picture above is 100% egg.  It’s just made from lots of eggs.  Most likely the yolks are separated out (somehow) and cooked first in a tube-shaped mould, and then the whites are cooked around them.  The result is an “egg” that can be cut into dozens of perfect slices.

(I’m terribly sorry but I’ve been a bad person, and lost track of the sources I used for this article, which I wrote some time ago. It actually takes quite a bit of googling to find any decent information about this bizarre product.)

Edit: some information, including the second of these two images, can be found here:

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4 Comments to “Things whose existence is surprising. 3: Long egg machine”

  1. This is so wrong, but I’m not quite sure why

  2. Youre messing with forces you dont understand!!

  3. You can see the whole process on you tube –

    • In German, no less!

      The video not only includes slow-motion footage of the egg-breaking machine, but also shows the creation of a Long Egg using laboratory glassware, and mocked-up footage of a Long Egg being laid by a chicken, as well as an egg salad with an unusually high proportion of egg slices. Nice find!

      It also shows that I was wrong about the mechanism: it cooks the whites first, and then cooks the yolks inside them. I should update the post!

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