Printing .PDF stickynotes in linux

by Lucas Wilkins

Not the usual kind of topic, but this needs to go out into the wide world. How to print the annotations that sometimes one might get on a pdf file:

First install or upgrade Adobe Reader to 9.0:
sudo apt-get install acroread
sudo apt-get upgrade acroread

Then back up and open the following file in your home directory: “~/.adobe/Acrobat/9.0/Preferences/reader_prefs”
cd ~/.adobe/Acrobat/9.0/Preferences/
cp reader_prefs reader_prefs.backup
gedit reader_prefs

gedit will complain about the encoding, but ignore it and click “edit anyway” (we have a backup if anything goes badly wrong). Find the bit where it says:
/printCommentPopups [/b false]
and change “false” to “true”. Save the file. So it looks like
/printCommentPopups [/b true]

Now you can just open up your file in adobe reader
acroread filename.pdf
and print, making sure to select the “Documents and Markups” option in the “Comments and Forms” combo box in the print dialogue.

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8 Comments to “Printing .PDF stickynotes in linux”

  1. I tried this, but it doesn’t work for me. Did you perhaps change anything else?

    • That’s all I did. I was using ubuntu with the latest acroread, perhaps that makes a difference. Did you make sure to select documents and markups. Have you checked that acroread has not reverted the change?

  2. I can’t even find that line in the preference file. Maybe there’s been an update that changes it all?

  3. I was first like Vilhelm and couldn’t find that line in my reader_prefs for acroread 9.5.1.

    So I closed acroread and added the line next to the other /print* that I could find at the beginning of the file. Saving and starting acroread didn’t show any effect except that when I looked again at my reader_prefs file, in addition to my /printCommentPopups [/b true] which I just added was another /printCommentPopups [/b false], this time in the /Annots section.

    So closed acroread, remove the /printCommentPopups [/b true] which I added manually, changed the automatically inserted /printCommentPopups [/b false] to true, saved and restarted acroread and now it works !


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